5 Things to Do to Make Sure You Fit in the Culture of Your Future Company

You aced your interview and now the employer is offering you a position and they need answers – ASAP! The clock is ticking and yet something is bothering you – How is their company culture? Can you even fit in the culture? Here are 5 ways to actually spy on the company’s culture before you decide what to do with the offer.

1.    Research is the Key!

This step is almost similar as to when you were preparing yourself for an interview. Do as much research as possible on the company. Try search for any relevant news articles and go through social media and look for anything that has to do with the company. How does the company present itself to the outside world?

2.    The Interview Experience

How was the interview experience? Was it a pleasant atmosphere or did you feel pressured like you were sitting in an interrogation room? Did they also give you the opportunity to ask questions or was it just a one-way communication process? What was the overall application process like? Ask yourself if you feel good with the environment and the people you met.

3.    Work Environment

When you were heading towards the interview room, you must have walked passed the reception or their working spaces. How was their office arrangement? Were they working in an open space or is it more to a closed working space? How did the receptionist greet you and how did the staff communicate with each other?

4.     Ask your Interviewers

Asking is free, so why not ask your interviewers directly to describe the company culture to you. Ask about the leadership style in the company as this will drive company culture. Do bear in mind that you might not always get a correct or honest answer.

5.    Ask Your Friends

Do you have any friends, family or ex colleagues who once worked at the company or are still working there? You can ask them about the environment and the culture straight away. If you do not have any, you can also ask your friends if they know anyone from the company and introduce them to you.


A company culture is like the personality of an organization. Besides getting to know your company culture, you are also required to know yourself too. In the end, you are the one who has to decide whether the culture fits you and if you can adapt to it.

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